Core 7 The Basics

Overwhelmed with health information?  Start creating a clear path today.    Your body. Your journey. Your way. 

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Art of Journaling

Journaling is the simplest way to discover your strengths and gifts. Discover different ways to journal.

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Sugar Solutions

Get off sugar the easy way! Simple and effective solutions to kick sugar once and for all. 

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Honey Ferment

Immune-boosting fermented garlic honey is the perfect way to add flavor to your dishes and health to your gut.

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The Parasite Protocol

Did you know there are three parts to balancing parasites? Let’s set your body up for success with the proper prep and support.

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Hi, I'm Kristen!

I'm passionate about helping women get healthy. Our first step is getting you to cell saturation with magnesium.  


When you wake up in the morning feeling good, you are capable of changing the world. There are people waiting for you. Let me help YOU so you can help them.


Health, Naturally.

We make our products locally with you in mind. Nothing hits the shelf without being tested (and tested, and tested...) by us. We're committed to the best ingredients for real, lasting beauty.

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