Core 7

Your Body, Your Journey, Your Way

 Learn the 7 Core Principles that Will Change Your Life

Core 7 is a monthly subscription group for $25 a month. You have weekly group calls and Q&A's with Kristen to discuss the seven core principles that build a strong foundation for your health.

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"Core 7 has given me access to the tools and the support I needed to take control of my health, both physically and emotionally. Before Core 7, I was just surviving. After only a couple of months, I now know that I don’t have to accept feeling tired and ‘lost’ all the time. I can finally see my path to thriving!"

Tori Smith Hermansen

Countless times throughout our lives, we are told by others what we need: What we need to be happy, what we need to have good health, what we need to prevent overwhelm...

I know this for a fact.

Years ago, I was so ill that I was confined to a wheelchair, having daily seizures. I went to countless experts, each offering their own opinion on how to treat my symptoms, but with no luck. It was only once I started to examine the root causes of my condition that I recovered.

"Core 7 is helping me (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually) reconnect to myself and find the purpose in my life that has been gone for so long. Many blessings to Kristen and the whole team - it takes an army!"

Michele Book Sundholm

I learned first hand that everyone's needs are different, and what might work for one person might not work for someone else. We are so much more complex than that!

With Core 7, you aren’t going to be chasing the symptoms of your struggles; you’re going after the root causes!

I’m going to teach you seven core principles that could build a solid foundation of health beneath you. And you get to CHOOSE which of them work for you and which do not!

"Joining Core 7 has empowered me to rediscover myself and take responsibility for my health. This program challenges you on every level in a loving, supporting, and positive group setting. Kristen shares insights and knowledge that has changed not just my life, but the lives of my family!"

Tami Belew Knight

It’s time to start waking up with energy every morning, facing forward to create your best life! With Core 7, it’s your body, your journey, your way!


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