The Parasite Protocol


One-time payment of 197 dollars

You can know everything there is to know about parasites, but adjusting it to your personal experience is the key to success.

Not only will you receive the live Masterclass, but you will join Kristen for three ADDITIONAL Q&A sessions where she will bring her 20 years of experience in helping women rid themselves of parasites.

All Q&A Calls are recorded and uploaded to your Online Learning Center for your reference. 


Masterclass Plus

The Parasite Protocol


One-time payment of 97 dollars

Did you know there are three parts to balancing parasites?

They are the prep phase, the kill phase, and the maintenance phase. Most focus on the kill phase, which means you are dealing with those parasites for the rest of your life.

Let’s set your body up for success with the proper prep and support to make your maintenance phase easy.